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Visualisation Studio


Explore and Enjoy

Save money and time. Transfer your materials in a digital created mood board

Submit sketch + pic. textures

  •  100%  customizable

  •  2 revisions


We Go Above and Beyond

Why digital ?

Experiment with form and presentation without compromising on quality.

Stack options, and work with different combinations.

Safe money and space on storing 10 000 samples.


Safe time & money.

Costumer, Portfolio & Website ready.

From  your sketch to render.

Business growth

Provide your clients with high-quality eyecatching mood boards.

Spread your work in your portfolio/ Social media.

What to submit

Sketch or reference of style/composition.

Name & High-Quality picture of preferred used Materials.

Any wish for accessories to improve on its mood and presentation. 

what to expect

A realistic representation of your submitted materials and sketches.

Modern high quality Jpeg.


Subscribe monthly and recieve benefits.

-20% off on second monthly order.

Receive your place with stacked materials to reuse in further projects.

2 revisions.

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David Philippe.

Connecting whats visible.

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