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On this page I present a few projects that explain what I can offer. 
I've an overload of passion for architecture and interior design.

I represent the latest new projects, a few own designs and a few studycases. Made by amazing architects. ( Self-education  and non-profit). 

Those examples show how realistic the representation can be.

What for opportunities it can bring for your clients, presale purposes and online marketing.

Living green - Athmospheric represenation own design.  

Receation Mansion - Claxton and Marsh. (Canadian) Non-profit

Recreation Villa - Vlassak Verhulst.  (Belgium) Non-profit

La Naturellement - Athmospheric representation own design. 

Official competition entry- Binnentuin  Port of Antwerp. -  Marie S.  (Belgium)

Recreation Villa -  Sels.  (Belgium) Non-profit

Project made for  VB Partners Immobiliën (Belgium)

Housing project.  (Belgium)

Design inspired by founding couturier, Maison Christian Dior.

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